Brand Story

Gazal Mishra, an ingenious apparel designer, embarked on an extraordinary journey from engineering to fashion, driven by her unyielding passion. Graduating as an engineer, she fearlessly delved into the realm of fashion, becoming the heart and soul behind the eponymous brand, Gazal Mishra.

In 2015, Gazal Mishra's creative spirit found its purpose as she founded her eponymous brand. Fuelled by a fervent desire to empower local artisans and craftsmen, her brand swiftly transformed into a sanctuary of creativity and cultural heritage. With a commitment to sustainable fashion, Gazal Mishra seamlessly interweaves intricate artistry with environmental consciousness.

At the heart of the brand lies a profound respect for nature, inspiring Gazal's dedication to organic clothing. Each piece, meticulously curated, tells a story of harmonious coexistence between fashion and the planet. Gazal's designs resonate with the modern individual who seeks elegance without compromising their ethical values.

Gazal Mishra's journey transcends mere vocation; it's a tribute to the seamless fusion of passion, purpose, and creativity. Her brand encapsulates the essence of sustainable luxury, bridging the gap between art and consciousness. As her story continues to unfold, Gazal Mishra remains a beacon of innovation, redefining the fashion landscape one organic stitch at a time.